From hindsight to foresight.


Needless to say, 2020 was not the year we thought it would be. Hardly anyone was prepared for the topsy-turvy global events that changed almost every aspect of our lives. Some call this the year of the Liminal Spaces, Thin Places or just The In-Between. Whatever 2020 meant for you, it likely represented some kind of transition. 

This 8-week guided course will explore the questions that many of us face in times of transition. How can we make sense of change? How do we enter more mindfully into the next phase of our lives? What are we called to do now? How might we design our life? How can we nurture the creative nature within us?

Neither here nor there.

What's Included in Threshold

Our Journey


Learn to recognize the weak signals that shimmer at the edges and uncover the magic at the margins.


Discern what needs to end in order to make room for a new beginning.


Practice abandoning yourself to the neutral zone, or liminal space.


Prepare to emerge from the forest, or the desert. Know when you have been lost enough to find yourself.

Weekly Inspiration and Prompts

We invite you to commit to a regular contemplative practice with a creative reflection. Each week you will receive an inspiration that can help you consider your intention, or a prompt for an activity or journal entry that encourages you to explore the theme of the week.

Digital Workbook

Each phase of the retreat features a downloadable workbook that will help you collect your thoughts and inspirations, as well as extra reading materials and resources.

Live Sessions

We will host periodic live sessions, aligned with solstice and equinox, so we can discuss the journey and learn how to get past our “stuck” points.

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