Designing Rituals

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February 13, 2021 (9:00 AM Pacific | 5:00 PM GMT)

The pandemic upended our traditions and rituals. For some, it was disorienting and heartbreaking. We could not celebrate birthdays, attend funerals, or visit friends with new babies. Holiday traditions were in disarray or non-existent. For others, it was a welcome opportunity to rethink the traditions that have, frankly, become a burden of expectations and obligations.

Even before the pandemic drove us into our homes, many of us had lost touch with traditional rituals that mark important transitions in our lives. Long before COVID-19 became a household word, we felt the echoing emptiness of disconnection. Digital technology has been a godsend for those us physically apart from our loved ones, but before lockdown it had been a significant contributing factor of emotional distance. The more we scroll, the less connected we become.

How do we curate and design meaningful rituals and communities of practice that inspire us and help mark the important phases of our weeks, our years, our lives? Rituals may not be what you think, and you likely already have some informal rituals baked into your life — at least you did before the world went sideways.

Join us for an interactive live online workshop on understanding and designing meaningful rituals on Saturday, February 13, 2021. In this two hour session, we will explore:

  • Why we have rituals
  • How rituals intersect with storytelling
  • The common elements of rituals in different cultures and contexts
  • How to design a ritual flow
  • The role of intentions in rituals

When you join our community, you will have access to this workshop as well as our online retreats, book club discussions and circles, as well as other interactive classes and workshops designed to help you navigate transitions.

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